The KuvaLight “Minho” design lamps:
Modern art-deco lights that enhance your wall…

Beautiful dynamic artwork that stands out…

The KuvaLight Minho designlamp series is the first rectangular design in the KuvaLight collection.

Inspired from the Braga designlamp, the Minho series start in 2 standard sizes:

  • Minho-1:
           27.5 cm wide by 180 cm long
  • Minho-2:
           53 cm wide by 180 cm long


Available in:

  • Brushed aluminum
  • Brushed copper
  • Brushed gold
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Glossy and normal black


Vertical or horizontal
KuvaLight Minho’s are excellent artistic enhancements…

Hang them vertically:

  • in a hallway
  • along a staircase
  • next to a piece of furniture or cabinet

Hang them horizontally:

  • behind a couch
  • behind a bed
  • along a long wall as virtual stairs

Combining Minho’s brings an extra artistic dimension.

The Minho-1 patterns combined with other Minho-1 or Minho-2 KuvaLights create beautiful combinations.

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