The KuvaLight New Beginning design lamp: Natural forms in a timeless modern design

"New Beginning”, Brushed aluminum 115 cm, Color changing mode

Natural forms in a timeless modern design

The KuvaLight New Beginning design lamp is the first KuvaLight of the collection and a true eye-catcher in every interior. The forms in this design were inspired by nature and the essence of Spring which includes earth, water, sun, and rejuvenation.  The relatively closed design results in the light at the openings to appear more intense.

The timeless design and the possibility to change the light color, tone, and brightness, makes the ‘New Beginning’ suitable for every interior from classical to romantic, from basic to bohemian, from reception rooms and lobby’s in offices or hotels; the ‘New Beginning’ welcomes and warms.

Elegant and warm
in any interior

You’re in control… set the radiance you want with one of KuvaLight’s meticulously finished designs.

The colors and tones of light can be adjusted via an app or remote to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.


The ‘New Beginning’ is created in the following materials:

  • Dibond Aluminum
  • Dibond Copper
  • Bamboo


The ‘New Beginning’ is available in the following dimensions:

  • ⌀ 115 cm / 45.3″
  • ⌀ 80 cm / 31.5″
    (aka “New Beginning Mini”)


⌀ 80 cm starting from
€ 1450,- (incl. VAT)

⌀ 115 cm starting from
€ 2500,- (incl. VAT)


High quality LED’s compatible with Philips Hue, DMX and other lighting control systems.

KuvaLights are easy to install, due to a specially designed mounting system (included).

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