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Hanging light Parallel Up/Down

Delivery time: 3 - 6 weeks | 25% downpayment | 75% upon delivery

The Parallel hanging light is a beautiful light to hang above your kitchen counter, dining table or conference table in your office. With the white colour light shining downwards you always have good functional light on you counter or table top. The choice of white colour or coloured light upwards brings you plenty of possibilities to create the perfect atmosphere. All lights are fully dimmable and controllable via the Philips Hue app. For other lighting control systems, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The light comes in three different lengths: 160 cm, 200 cm and 240 cm and two different widths: 20 cm or 24 cm. The height is small and measures only 4 cm thick. Other dimensions are possible upon request.

Materials: Bamboo Naturel, Bamboe Caramel

Sizes: L 160 cm/200 cm/240 cm x B 20/24cm x H 4 cm

Light: downwards warm white light (3000K), upwards white and coloured lights, wireless dimmable via Hue Bridge (Zigbee)

Important to know:

KuvaLights are made in our own workshop in the Netherlands and assembled by hand.
KuvaLights are made by order and take about 3 to 6 weeks to produce.
25% downpayment | 75% upon delivery
We notify you when your KuvaLight is ready for shipping.

But in the end..... the waiting time is worthwhile. You get a unique product that will enhance your living or work space!

Material / Color

Bamboo Natural

Bamboo Caramel

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160 cm x 20 cm, 160 cm x 24 cm, 200 cm x 20 cm, 200 cm x 24 cm, 240 cm x 20 cm, 240 cm x 24 cm

Material / Color

Bamboo Natural, Bamboo Caramel


Down: warm white (3000K), Up: white and coloured light


Yes, wireless dimming via Hue Bridge (Zigbee)