Showroom - KuvaLight

Experience a KuvaLight via one of the following options: 

1. Place a KuvaLight with augmented reality (AR) on your wall

Visualize a KuvaLight in your interior with your mobile phone or tablet using the “Show on my wall” augmented reality (AR) button on our website.

How it works:

a) Go to the wall lamps category
b) Choose a wall lamp model, material and size
c) Press the button: Show selection on my wall. (A 3d model will load.)
d) On the Phone/tablet click on the AR button (the small cube symbol)
e) Ensure there is sufficient light and choose a wall with contrast. For light colored walls, print the attached KuvaLight logo and hold this card against the wall for contrast. Download Logo
f) Aim the camera close to the wall (approximately 5 cm  to 30 cm max.) focusing on the logo or a small object. Your KuvaLight should virtually appear on the wall in your screen.
g) Move around to see what your KuvaLight would look like from different angles.  (You can also try looking behind the KuvaLight)
h) Take a photo and try a different model or material!

2. Visit our informal showroom and see a KuvaLight (by appointment only)

We do not have a formal showroom, but you can make an appointment to see a KuvaLight in a homely environment in Amsterdam. Make your appointment here.

3. Have us visit you with a KuvaLight at your home

If you want to see a KuvaLight in your own environment, we can come by for an appointment.

Minho koper | KuvaLight

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