KuvaLight and the Hue Bridge. How does it work?


KuvaLight's lamps are Zigbee compatible and work with the Philips Hue system. What exactly is this and how does it work?
Philips Hue is an innovative wireless lighting control system. In fact, all the lamps that run on the Hue system can be controlled with your smartphone or with Zigbee compatible light switches from common brands such as Jung, Gira and Busch Jager. In addition to turning them on and off, you can adjust the color, set routines and dim lamps to your liking. With Hue, you get a lot of possibilities without complicated installations.

I have no technical knowledge; how does the Hue Bridge work?
You don't need technical knowledge. There are two other things that are necessary. You need a router with a free ethernet port and a HUE Bridge. You probably already have the router through your internet provider.

How does the Hue Bridge work?
 The Hue Bridge is the heart of your smart lighting. It uses the Zigbee protocol to communicate wirelessly with the Hue compatible lights. Zigbee is an energy-efficient wireless technology designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT). It allows the Bridge to send commands to the lamps and receive information back, such as the status of the lamps and brightness and color settings. You need the Wi-Fi connection, to control the lamps via your smartphone.

This is how it works: your smartphone is connected via Wi-Fi to your router, the router is wired to the Hue Bridge, and the Hue Bridge connects to the KuvaLight or Hue smart lights via Zigbee.
Zigbee is a mesh network; each lamp picks up the Zigbee connection and redistributes it again. The range of the wireless Zigbee is about 10 meters, that means that at least one lamp needs to be within 10 meters from the Bridge and that each light needs to be at least within 10 meters from each other.  You can install a Philips Hue system over longer distances.  Using lamps with the Zigbee protocol has many advantages over Wi-Fi lamps.

Benefits of Hue Bridge
One of the main benefits of the Philips Hue Bridge is the ability to personalize and automate your lighting. The Philips Hue app lets you create different scenes, adjusting the brightness, white tones and colour of the lights. For example, you can create a relaxing atmosphere for late at night or an energetic atmosphere for getting up in the morning.

Installing the Hue Bridge
Installing the Philips Hue Bridge is easy. Plug the Bridge into an electrical outlet and connect it to your Wi-Fi router using the included Ethernet cable. Then download the Philips Hue app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to pair the Bridge. Once the Bridge is installed, you can start adding the KuvaLight, Hue bulbs and accessories to your system. The Hue Bridge also lets you set timers and routines to automatically turn your lights on and off at specific times. This is useful if you're on vacation and want your home to look lived in, or if you want your lights to turn on automatically when you get home.

Compatible with smart assistants
The Hue Bridge is also compatible with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. This allows you to easily control your lighting with your voice. For example, you can ask to turn on the lights in the living room or adjust the brightness without having to open an app. Finally, the Philips Hue Bridge offers integration with other smart devices and systems, such as motion sensors, doorbells, and security systems. This allows you to have your lighting automatically respond to certain events, such as turning on the lights when motion is detected or when the doorbell rings.

This why KuvaLight uses the Hue Bridge
In short, the Hue Bridge is the centerpiece of the Philips Hue lighting system. It enables wireless communication between the Hue lamps, external devices, and smart assistants. With the Bridge, you can personalize, automate, and integrate your lighting with other smart devices, creating an advanced and personalized lighting experience.
KuvaLight chose to work with the Hue Bridge because it is a user friendly system.

What if I have a different lighting control system at home
If you have another lighting control system in your home and would like to use the KuvaLight with it, please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you. We can make KuvaLights compatible with other lighting systems.