How we design

All our decorative wall lamps have a source of inspiration and their own story. We are always working with patterns and shapes and get our inspiration from the things that surround us every day, such as a flower, the mosaic of a city square or architecturally interesting facades. The stories behind each of our lamps can be found on our product pages.

The design of our pendant lamps is a combination of form, function and effect of the lighting. In all our lamps we try to hide the light source as much as possible without sacrificing the functional light and the decorative light effect. With the pendant lamps, we try to let the lamp obstruct the view as little as possible, and thus to make it beautiful in its simplicity.

We design with the customer in mind. We want our customers to have beautiful light that they can enjoy for years to come. We think along with the customer about details such as how and where the lamp is hung, so that the electrical wires are concealed as neatly as possible. We can also commission special lamps to match the interior, whether it is the shape of the table, countertop or other architectural shapes in your home. (e.g. the Parallel pendant lamp in an L-shape or the Mosaic in a different pattern).

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