• KuvaLight Minho 1 in Piano Black hanging horizontally above a green/grey sofa. The color of the light is yellow which matches the yellow cushion on the sofa.

    Unique products, quality and a personal service of a high level

    We 'came across' KuvaLight at the vt wonen en design fair in Amsterdam, looking for a beautiful lamp for our renovated living room. We immediately saw that Kuva offers a nice mix of art and light with its products. The last remnant of doubt whether the KuvaLight Minho would also be beautiful in our home is gone because Jacqueline and her husband have demonstrated different variants at our home. The Minho has been hanging with us for a year and we are more than satisfied with it. In combination with the Hue lights, the right atmosphere, color and light intensity can always be determined. And also when the lights are out; there is a unique work of art on the wall. If we have to briefly summarize KuvaLight: 'Unique products, quality and a personal service of a high level".

    Sylvia en Michiel - Amstersfoort

    to the Minho wall lamp

    Completely of this time

    The use of LED lighting in a work of art is a great idea. KuvaLight is innovative and the icing on the cake in the popular basic interiors in which people like to have a lot of space and especially few knick-knacks. The most recent design is made of bamboo. Completely of this time, not least because of the durability of the material. This eye-catcher completes an interior.

    Jessica - interior architect - Hem

    to the pendant light semicircle

    Pure joy

    We have been enjoying our beautiful KuvaLight mandala for a year, in the bamboo version of design 'Amsterdam'. During the day an artistic work and in the evening a special effect due to the atmospheric lighting in any desired color.

    Marjorie - Assendelft

    to the New beginning wall lamp
  • KuvaLight Amsterdam in Piano Black with a green light n a home setting at night.

    It's a work of art on the wall

    Amsterdam type, 115 cm shows off on our wall. We opted for the black lacquered version. Wow, even when it's not on, it's a work of art on the wall! With the Hue app, the color is easy to adjust. I change this every now and then depending on my mood and the time of year. Fortunately, we had known for a long time that we wanted a KuvaLight so that we could take it into account during our renovation and we had a socket placed in the middle of the wall. That way you don't see a cord.

    Marije - Hoorn

    to the Amsterdam wall lamp
  • KuvaLight Mosaic in Piano Black with a yellow light in a home setting next to a custom mad bookcase..

    Immediately charmed by Mosaic

    At the VT wonen en design fair I came across the Kuvalight stand by chance. I was immediately charmed by the Minho and after a pleasant conversation with Jacqueline and her husband, they offered to come to our home with the Minho to see how the lamp fits into our interior.
    We had another pleasant conversation at our home and it was even agreed to adapt the appearance of the lamp to the special metal staircase that we have. Result: a beautiful unique lamp, the Mosaic. Good, pleasant service, I can definitely recommend Kuvalight!

    Wilma - Papendrecht

    to the Mosaic wall lamp

    The service was great

    I bought the KuvaLight Braga (80 cm) lamp over a year ago in KuvaLight. The lamp is the Braga design in copper. It was the first lamp to be sold outside the Netherlands :). The service was great, easy instructions to hang the lamp. The lamp looks very nice on our wall!

    Almudena - Madrid

    to the Braga Wall lamp

    Eye-catching and special

    The KuvaLight Minho, a beautiful and mainly original design. The combination between artwork and atmospheric lamp appealed to me so much that after a conversation at VT Wonen and Designbeurs, the lamp soon hung in my living room. While making a choice, Jacqueline and her husband helped me tremendously. Jacqueline helps to think along to give the design a good place in the house in combination with the other furnishings. The honesty and passion of Jacqueline and her husband makes the story behind the design extra special. The design is a real eye-catcher both during the day and in the evening.

    Eline - Bergambacht

    to the Minho Wall lamp

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