KuvaLight Wall Collection

Discover the versatile KuvaLight Wall Collection – 9 stunning designs for your space, with the added magic of customizable light colors. Browse for different sizes, creating a unique art display that matches your style. Embrace the enchanting interplay of art and light to transform your room with our captivating masterpieces.

  • KuvaLight Amsterdam in Piano Black with a green light n a home setting at night.

    Amsterdam Wall Light

  • KuvaLight Anemone in aluminium with a pink color light behind it in a home setting.

    Anemone Wall Light

  • Combination of the KuvaLight Braga (80cm) and the KuvaLight MInho 1 both in Pianoa Black whereby for each light a different color light is chosen pink and blue/purple. The Minho 1 is leaning against the wall.  Photographed in a home setting.

    Braga Wall Light

  • KuvaLight New Beginning in brushed copper in a teatime home setting with a warm white light which creates a nice sunny atmosphere.

    New Beginning Wall Light

  • KuvaLight_alongthecanals_bamboo_ppink

    Along the Canals Wall Light

  • KuvaLight Mosaic in Piano Black with a yellow light in a home setting next to a custom mad bookcase..

    Mosaic Wall Light

  • KuvaLight Minho 2  in brushed copper with warm white light hanging vertically in a hallway.

    Minho Wall Light


    Retro Wall Light


    Parallel Wall Light