New Beginning: The Inspiration


Behind every KuvaLight is a story. How did the pattern come about and what thoughts are behind it. We enjoy sharing this with you. It was the heart of winter 2016, an empty wall had been staring at me for months. How fun would it be to hang a piece of art there? But what kind of artwork and how are we going to lighten it up when it's dark at night?
What if I design something myself, a work of art, but with lights in it. That way you would have two things in one. And so it happened, with this idea I set to work. A new beginning!


The inspiration for the design came naturally; it was winter, cold and the need for sunshine and spring was great. Spring represents a fresh new start, in your life, in nature, but can also be in your home. Nature awakens, the crocuses come out, everything blossoms at this time of year. The spring colors give way to the drab winter colors.

And all this beauty is reflected in the KuvaLight New Beginning. In the pattern you can see a big flower or the sun. The waves of the sea. The design makes you cheerful and makes you feel happy. And by playing with the lights you add an extra dimension yourself. By changing the color of the lighting during the day, you can completely create your own atmosphere. How about a spring green to bring nature into your home or a purple color to bring the crocuses into your home. Or if you’re longing for summer, set the color to sunny yellow. The color choices are endless and it feels like you have every time a new work of art on the wall, a New Beginning.